I'm back

Hi All,

Who am I?

Why I left

Training / Experience

  • Classically trained as a Mechatronic Engineer (Mechanical, Electrical / Electronics, Software - ie: Robots / Automation) and Project Manager.

  • Worked in a number of industries with a lot of roles / positions during my career thus far. The list is long, so here are a few relevant ones:

    • Indie Game Developer

    • Lead Project Engineer / Technical Coordinator

    • Portfolio / Project Manager

    • Author

  • So I can “make things happen”, manage / coordinate, mentor, engineer, CAD and code

Why I am back

  • Great Community - I really did miss it when I left

  • Unreal Engine

  • Unreal Tournament amazing development pace

  • I like making games

    • Made / Managed (I wanted to ship, so I shipped)

    • Consulted and play tested

      • TBA - I’ve been asked not to post this, until it’s launch

  • Never wanted to leave, but couldn’t commit the time

What I will start doing

  • Investigate and implement prototype vehicles in UT

  • Contributing to Chaos Mod for UT

  • Investigate and implement prototype of Mobile & Console / Cross-platform support for UT

    • UT on mobile - have a quick deathmatch against some bots anytime

    • UT on console - Keyboard / Mouse is ultimate control combo, so let’s show the world :slight_smile:

  • Finish and publish some games using UE

When / Period of Availability

  • From now till Jan 2016 - 100% of time will be spent on Game and App development

  • After that planned minimum 20-30%, might be more, but won’t be less.

Thanks for reading, glad to be back :smiley:


I am closing this thread as you have posted the same thing 3 times now, please refrain from doing it as spamming threads is against forum rules.