I'm an artist looking for a programmer to partner with.

I have an idea of what game I want. But I’m open to doing something you’d want instead. I just need a programmer that is as nuts about programming as I am with art. Day and night, to be the very best. The deal would be we share our skills 50/50 across the project and we are the respective leads if we add more to the project. This is for those that want to make a game. Not just make some scratch. I mean I know. I’m not a stranger to living off commission. But I feel if we offer our skills as payment to each other and make a great game this way, then I’ll be happy. If you’d like that too. Just tell me.

Now in terms of complexity if we decide to go down the route of my game idea. The specific game would be simplified by Large Scale Multiplayer Battle Arena. I understand the undertaking of this and I am up to the task. Here is a site with 2D art.

While my 3D WIP works can be found here: 3D WIP - Album on Imgur


I am leading a WW1 FPS Project for a year now and I am struggling to find a 3D Artist who can assist me.
This is a personal project so participants can make progress at their rythm.

We can negociate the art style for the game.

If you are interested, please contanct me via:
Email: minhhoangdang(at)hotmail(dot)com
Skype: same as email
Steam: ebusiangamers

Thank you for your consideration.