I'm an Artist, I want to make a game: I want opinions

Hey everyone :), my name is Travis and I’m an aspiring (concept artist primarily and 3D) Digital Artist. To keep it short I want to develop a game eventually, currently my aim is to improve my skills. Later on the game I’d like to make is inspired by Paper Mario. A 3D plane but with 2D characters going back and forth through the x, y and z axis. Issue is I don’t want to learn coding and I currently don’t have connections with any coders for future development. I would like to what you think would be the best option for me such as, use this engine because… better to wait for someone to come along to help code… etc.

Thank you for your time, any response would be incredibly appreciated!

If it’s complex enough then you’d ultimately need a coder, but Blueprints allow you to do some advanced stuff pretty easily it just depends on what features you want to do.

For me I just sat back and watched a bunch of tutorials…Learned BP’s and eventually C++. Having you skill set along with some C++ and BP is a great combination. There are also some courses on Udemy that are pretty cool.