I'm a total noob.

Might get slammed for this. I don’t know. It’s my first post here.
I’ve just recently decided to get into game development. I’m intermediate level with Java as far as programming goes, with some scripting knowledge. I know Unreal uses C++ which is similar to Java given that they’re both object oriented, but I also know that you can do a lot with Unreal without coding knowledge.

With all of that said, does anyone have any advice? When/how did you get started? I plan to just jump in and try and figure things out as I go, expecting many, many headaches along the way. I’m good enough to learn a programming language as I go along and pick up things along the way. Can you guys just give me some of your experiences as far as when you first started, some of the obstacles you had to overcome, things I should definitely read up on / brush up on skill-wise, etc.?


No one would slam you for being a noob everyone has to start somewhere, this isnt an online ranked game of Rocket League. Well done to you for wanting to learn :slight_smile:

My first bit of advice would be dont just jump in and try figure it out you’ll just waste time fannying around tryimg to work out how to do something simple things when you could have spent that time watching/reading tutorials which show you how and why.

that was a very long sentence with no punctuation…

sounds obvious i know but start with the official epic tutorials to get a good starting point. Its good to get a grasp of the existing framework early on so you understand common things like gamemode, pawns, player/ai controllers etc etc and how they all work together. Thankfully they’re not just boring watch and learn you’ll be creating stuff in the editor along with the tutorial.

in regards to coding aswell as C++ UE4 has its own visual scripting language called ‘blueprints’ which you use in the editor. Its pretty good and a good starting point to learn various functions and how everything pieces together. Definetly run through the epic tutorial series for them as even making a C++ game you’ll probably still end up using blueprints somewhere.

Basically go through the epic tutorials and have some fun and see where you want to go from there :slight_smile: