I'm a newbie with modeling 3D software i would like to ask Artist 3D

I’ve been practicing modeling 3D software in 3ds max and zbrush and i’m confused what is the best way to pickup.
1.Create the base mesh first and then sculpt all the details on base mesh ? if so will it affect topology of the model?
2.Scultp with all the details and then create model using retopology ? will it give better topology ??

Witch method is the fastest way to choose?

(sometime i’m feel scultp in zbrush then retopology in 3ds max it’s faster i’m not sure about my feeling)

any advice please ?

  1. Create a block out. In which application, it does not matter, just pick whatever is fastest to you. Here you establish proportions, the silhouette, and scale. Consider throwing the asset into UE4 to make sure it will work, especially if it’s a set piece or something important.

  2. If it’s modular, you may want to do the lowpoly model first. If you are going straight to zbrush, create a base mesh which will sculpt well, or use dynamesh and not have to worry about the topology.

  3. Retopology really depends on the asset. Sometimes auto-toplogy tools are good enough, generally they fall a bit flat for characters, but might be passable. For certain hard surface assets auto retopo can be too soft or blobby, and are easy enough to model out. Sometimes a combination of tools and workflows is best, use auto-topology where it works, do others by hand.

I would say 1. is better for static meshes and 2. is better for skeletal meshes.

Sometimes your base mesh will work for your low-poly mesh, if not then you’ll need to retopologize after you finish your sculpt.

I’m the content and asset manager of a fair size team and when it comes to UE4 the common question I’m asked by the new guy is whats the polycount budget?

My response is make the object look the way it should with out much effort put into optimization and maintain the fidelity of the art asset at the source level. The reason is simple in that UE4 has tools built into the engine that will tailor the output as to the need and as I always say it’s easier to make to much do less than it is to try and take not enough and make it do more.

For example if it’s to much you can use Auto LOD to decrease the count and set the screen resolution to kick in LOD 1 as the primary model.

Same for textures taking into consideration texture streaming.

For player models we are using the Genesis 3 form from Daz 3d to hang the clothing off of the frame work and the body forms are shaped in Zbrush and injected back into G3 and use Daz Studio to create the required LOD’s

More or less create the art to how it needs to look and then use the software to output what is needed.

The days of fit to finish are over. :wink:

im still noob but im using 1. for buildings/weapons, 2. for organic objects (characters/monsters.)

I’m also a noob with this but, I was taught to build the base mesh then sculpt onto it. I don’t think it’s faster but, It’s a safer bet. Also make sure to watch that polycount.