Im a newbie and I'm stupid with ques

How many assets are needed to build a blueprint for a 2.5d game. This game is meant to be pretty simple like a Final Fight + Street Fighter + Leveling style of game.

The idea behind my game is pretty much in a nutshell, a fighting mugen style game that incorporates special moves and basic fighting (combo street fighter system) in a side scrolling base camera which uses 2.5d space. So the characters can move up, down, left, right, and diagonal. However for safe zones, camps, buildings, I would like to use a 3rd person style movement and camera. So whenever it is a fight zone it goes into the side scrolling way and when you are in an area to talk to folks or interact you enter a 3rd person view. I want to get that Paper Mario feel with the 2d characters always facing the active camera.

The game will include items, money or scrap you can find, crafting system, and a level system. I want the player only to be able to equip a certain amount of items but yet can carry other inactive items. The items will have a hierarchy system so that you can combine items to get another item until you have made the final main item. I want the player to be able to use the lesser items as well. Picture League of Legends and how their items function in a hierarchy state. Speaking of League of Legends, the items will have stats that boost melee base attacks, abilities based attacks, and defensive based stats. It will work together along side the leveling system.

Characters are flat rigged 3d models. (I already fixed his walking animation)

So the main question is how many assets are needed to create a blueprint for this style of game? Will I be able to get most of the blueprints done with a prototype asset? How hard are AI to program for each main character and type of enemy?

Do you have any recommendations in the marketplace that could help me on this?

Also I was wondering since I’m a noob and I’m trying to relatively get this done quickly (Early Access) and I know folks have said that in game creation you need to focus on what you are good at, (Me is animation and Maya) so even though I plan to learn the basics of Unreal, how hard would it be to hire someone to program my game through royalty?

Where can I find someone to program my game that might be interested?

I want to maybe setup a kickstarter close to a Early Access (Working and functioning game) to perhaps pay my programmers and fund other stuff related to my game. Would this option be good too? Would it attract potential programmers who want to get paid sooner?

I’m asking this in advance as right now, since I’m finishing up the animations of all the characters and creating 3d tiles, and objects for the background elements.

Also is there a way to set up 3d tiles easy in unreal engine?

Sorry for being noobie.