I'm a beginner at Unreal Engine


I am a beginner who is learning after installing Unreal Engine for the first time. It’s just that I ran the project file for the first time, and the screen is red like this.
Is there a solution?

Did you add other objects to the scene manually? Do they have same problem?
Try other template projects.
Check what material is in use. Click on Browse Material button in the objects settings. Open material. Is there something wrong? Make own simple material and add it to any of the objects in the scene.

Hello dbvip and thank you for posting.

Your concern sounds rather interesting. One place I would check is your lighting. I would check all the light sources in the level and see if [] Use Temperature is checked. I would also check its values. Additionally, I found that if I tinker with the Skylight’s Light Color value, I can achieve similar results.

I hope this helps.

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