iLocalPlayer UE4 Plugin


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Short Description:

Advanced Functions:

  1. Side-by-Side Stereo 3D implementing;
  2. Asymmetric projection(or named asymmetric view frustum) implementing.

Long Description:

This is a UE4 C++ plugin which contains following advanced functions.

  1. Side-by-Side Stereo 3D implementing: You can get two eye images on your UE4 game viewport.The left eye image is on the left side of the viewport and right eye image is on the right side.
  2. Asymmetric projection(or named asymmetric view frustum) implementing: With this function, you can implement asymmetric projection matrix effects. Such as splicing one spherical screen with multi-PCs(Multi UE4 Game Viewports).


iLocalPlayer UE4 Plugin Demo(YouTube):

iLocalPlayer UE4 Plugin Demo(YouKu):

Technical Details:

One UE4 C++ Plugin(Named “iLocalPlayerUE4Plugin”).

Number of overview Maps: 1

Number of blueprint actors: 1

Number of widget blueprints: 2

Number of .cpp files: 4

Number of .h files: 7

Physically-Based Rendering: (No).

Number of Materials: 4

Number of Material Functions: 2

Number of Textures: 2

Number of slate brush: 1

Network Replicated: No

Intended Platform: Desktop(Windows; Mac);

Platforms Tested: Desktop(Windows; Mac)

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop(Windows; Mac)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop(Windows; Mac)

Documentation Included: Yes; Link: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / iLocalPlayer_Public · GitLab

Example Project: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / iLocalPlayer_Public · GitLab

Videos: iLocalPlayer UE4 Plugin Demo - YouTube ;

Other Links: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / iLocalPlayer_Public · GitLab

Website: UE4MarketplaceSubmission_Public / iLocalPlayer_Public · GitLab

Tested Platforms: Windows; Mac;

Engine Compatibility: 4.15, 4.16



Any update on when this will be available? My team has a project in the early phases and I’m interested in using asymmetrical frustums.

Bumping this - I’m still very interested!

Hi, Saveremreve. Thank you for your comments.
You can now get this plugin(“iLocalPlayer UE4 Plugin”) on the UE4 Marketplace:iLocalPlayer4UE4 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace


I’ve been editing the FFakeStereoRenderingDevice settings in the source code to deliver SxS, works fine, but with caveats. I could never achieve control over convergence point to set screen plane. Does this plugin provide for that? I see control for ia, distance between cameras, also nice, but convergence point also needed. Will fov be carried over from the camera settings in UE4 or is that controlled separately within the plugin?



Our plugin can provide the correct convergence point of Side-by-Side Stereo 3D.
The FOV is controlled separately within our plugin.

You can try the flowing demos:

Can you also adjust projection matrices of the cameras ??

Yes, we can adjust the projection matrices of the cameras. Using our “iLocalPlayer” plugin can implement that.

it supports 4.17?

Yes. it supports the UE4.17.

The UE4 plugin “iLcoalPlayer4UE4” can render the side-by-side stereo 3D effect for one player.
Thanks for your commands.

All the best.

This plugin does not provide the functions about the general-split-screen or rendering viewports to separate Monitors.

does it work with sequencer? i mean is it possible to render via Movie capture?
Yes. Now our “iLocalPlayer4UE4” can work with the Movie Capture of the Sequencer. Here’s how: We submitted a new Pull-Request to EpicGames / UnrealEngine: master to solve this problem (Side-by-Side Stereo-3D did not work properly when capturing movies in the sequencer). Pull Request Link:

this is awesome!!
does the latest commit has contain all of changes? and is it possible to implement this on 4.19?
Yes, the latest commit has contained all of the changes. Maybe it is possible to implement this in UE4.19, not sure right now. But you can modify the code of your UE4 Engine according to that pull request: