Illustrious - Illustration inspired VFX

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illustrious is a suite of visual effects inspired by print, traditional animation, painting, and other forms of hardcopy illustration.

Current effects include:

Make your scene appear to be “drawn” on any tiling texture using a wide variety of blending modes. Optional triplanar projection and movement-based coordinate offsets let you find just the right blend of grounded atmosphere or artistic surrealism.

Cel Shading
A cartoonifying effect that gives you precise control over light and shadow yet fits right into your PBR workflow. From anime to storybookish to noir, this isn’t your typical cookie cutter toon shader.

Colour Quantization
Split your scene into an evenly distributed palette of RGB or CYMK colours, then optionally dither the result with a variety of included threshold maps or a texture of your choice.

Halftone Shading
Make your scene out of “printer dots”. Simulate the look of newsprint or comics, or tweak it to look like a retro-futuristic dot matrix display. Everything from the tints to the imperfections to the grid rotations are tweakable on a per-channel basis.

Outline your objects based on depth, color, stencils, ambient occlusion and more, or even combine multiple detection modes into a single effect. Make thin and precise pencil lines or big oily strokes. Make the ink “move” with animated noise textures, or fade them in the distance for an abstract background.

Textured Ambient Occlusion
Dab your edges with some extra paint, or sketch lines, or printer dots. Add detail and stylistic earmarks to corners that might not have any without distracting from the scene as a whole.

Scene Distortion
Pinch and warp little bits of your scene all over at a customizable framerate. Apply it to just the foreground elements if you like. No scene feels “idle” with this effect applied.

Free updates are planned with more effects, but the price will go up as more are added so buy now!

Just popping in to say I’m aware of the issues importing to engine versions older than 4.14. Working on an update to fix that right now.