Illegally Terminated by the Marketplace Team


Hopefully an Epic staff outside of the Marketplace department reads this.

I got an email from them saying my products and Seller account is Terminated. Why? Because I’m associated with my brother, who got Terminated months ago (ironically due to complaining about the review process here).

I was first required to verified my ID as a different person, which I did, then they re-activated my Account. It was all good. All of the sudden, when I submit my work. They realize we work as a Team. I said to them that he handles Unity projects, while I handle (or used to) Unreal projects. We are not a company. Our contracts are individual and they had no right to terminate my account for his behaviour (even though he did nothing).

If you are an Epic staff, please report this to Management. These individuals are acting extremely arrogant as if they are CEOs of Epic Games. Taking away opportunities to decent individual that only want to make a living doing what they love (& extra income to Epic).

** If you’re a lawyer (or know a good one), you can also contact me. I’m pretty sure, this is not a legal practice.

Thank you