IKRetarget of Livelink Mocap Data not applying correctly at runtime?

I am trying to do a live IK Retarget of mocap data streaming from Vicon Shogun software by means of the Live Link Pose node.
Shogun is streaming data for Manny’s skel into the Live Link Pose inside an anim blueprint for Manny and he is working. But when I use Retarget Pose From Mesh with the appropriate IKRetarget asset inside the target’s anim Blueprint, the target’s bones are stretched to the absolute values of Manny’s bones instead of being informed by the retarget.
If the incoming shogun stream is recorded on Manny inside his bp and then viewed inside the IKRetarget asset, the retarget functions correctly. The target’s Retarget Pose From Mesh abp also functions correctly when used to retarget a third person player to this target at run time.
The “Teuthisan” alien looking target is free from the marketplace and it is worth noting that the stretched bones have the same name as Manny’s incoming data. The issue is most obvious in the target’s stretched and broken feet. Is it possible this is a bug with Live Link shoving absolute data through incorrectly?
Being able to correctly IKRetarget live mocap data on stage would be extremely useful.

Any ideas for getting it working would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Resolved. It was overriding the retarget because teuth_abp was a child of manny_mocap_abp, which was the only way I was getting the target to move at all. But if I left teuth_abp unparented and put both skeletal meshes into a character class blueprint (each set with their respective blueprints pictured above) I was able to get them both moving in the viewport as expected.