IKinema rigs creation now directly in the Editor; Also we are changing the subscription model!

Hi guys

We have added new tools for creation of IKinema rigs directly in the Unreal Editor. We are also changing our business model for indie developers - IKinema binary plugin for PC and a specific Unreal release will be available for a fixed price of £90. No subscriptions or monthly payments! A single purchase will give you a perpetual license of IKinema middleware and rig creation utilities within Unreal Engine without the need for external tools. Maintenance and upgrades will be available for compatibility with future versions of Unreal.

Any questions, happy to answer!


That’s quite impressive!

Quick questions: From what I see you can add standard controls instead of fighting with the tedious joint picking each time…what about IK-FK switch? Possible? also, any current limitations compared to a rig created in Maya? I know that the answer could be long, but another video showing all the different things which can be done would be great.

Facial rig creation based on custom number of joints will be coming any time soon?

Price is quite good, in my opinion much better then monthly subscription :wink:

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your note; Just for clarification, this rig creation toolset is related to our IKinema rigs that are mostly used in in-game animation modification, for example foot placement, pointing weapons, look-at, reach, etc. This will not substitute the rigs that you use, say in Maya, to create animation assets. At least at that stage this is not our intention (to keyframe and generate animation within Unreal directly, although we are thinking about it …;).


When does the new business model go into effect? I’m guessing there will be a royalty/fee after you’ve earned X amount.

Does this require compiling the engine or is it going to be a plugin available on the marketplace like Allegorithmic’s Substance?

So is this in a source code build only, as I just copied the plugin from the Launcher directory in to my c:\program files\epic games\4.9\Engine\Plugins and it shows up when I launch 4.9 but I dont see any options to create the Ikinema rig in the context menu when right clicking on a skeleton in the content browser?

I was just going to do the subscription! I like the idea of the fixed price so I guess it’s time to save!

Likewise, It’s likely I’m missing a step or two, it shows up just fine in my plugins manager list however.

But like nbazzeghin, I don’t see the IKinema Rig Actions option.

On the other hand, the nodes and such in BP show up just fine.

Yes some of the nodes show up, but I dont think they all do. Like I dont see the foot placement solver under the Ikinema section, but then again that might be because there is no IK skeleton in the assets

Hi guys,

This new Rig Editor was distributed to clients that have licensed the full engine.

We will be launching shortly (mid/end November) this functionalities to small and indie studios to replace our current subscription model. The middle-ware will be licensed on an one-off small fee for a given binary version of Unreal.

We will drop a note here when available!

Can you correct and adjust rigging with a weight painting tool like the one you find in Maya or Blender ?

Hi guys, IKinema is a runtime full-body IK animation middleware, which has nothing to do with weight-painting, just making sure we differentiate on this.



When will the new subscription model be active?. Would it be handy if i buy it now?

I’m also very curious about the next update. Any word?

officially out next week, but you could grab the new tools from here :slight_smile:

Hi, I recently received a mail with promotion discount for a couple of days and i’m interested. But have some questions:

  1. How often the new “not free” updates at £30, will be released?
  2. Do you have any road-map?
  3. How much cost the non indie runtime for those who reach the 80k indie limit? I cant find the price.
  4. this is a question with probably an obvious answer (sorry, programer with little art skills). I need place my characters hands on a weapon mesh and keep them in a correct place, can i do this with runtime-indie right?
    Do you have a video or documentations explaining how to do this with runtime-indie?

thanks!! :slight_smile:

So with this new run-time, what are we to do with our current webanimate subscriptions?

I emailed them earlier today with very similar questions. If I hear back before they respond on the forums, I’ll be sure to pass along their answers.