iKinema Orion runtime retarget for mannequin skeleton with different proportions


I am trying to use iKinema Orion for a character that is rigged to the standard mannequin skeleton, but has different proportions.
The character works perfectly with animation files, and the runtime retargeting is doing it’s work, but when feeding in the Orion mocap-data the character stretches out to the proportions of the mannequin.

Is there any way to solve this without purchasing the iKinema LiveAction? Since it’s using the same skeleton it feels like it should be possible. And if not, is there any other solution than LiveAction for runtime retargeting? The budget is quite tight as it is.


Hi Joakim,
I had the same issue, and unfortunately the only thing you can do is to pay 200£ to IKinema to have a custom retarget for your character.
Alternatively, but it takes ages and the results are hit and miss, is to modify the Json file inside the retarget folder, since if you open it with a Json editor, you can tweak the position and rotation of each joint, shifting their position.
I tried to do that, but is very time consuming and tedious, so it’s up to you wheter or not give it a try.