IKinema integration?

Read a little snippet on their website, as well as an image of the editor.


This something that will become available to Rocket users?

Just curious.

It’s probably up to IKinema if they are willing to make that thing available for free for us. Or if this type of integration is possible within binary version only.
If second option is possibility then you probably could just buy IKinema licensee.

I gave them a buzz.
Price is probably outside your average developers range, though they mention they are working on that.
The possibility of a binary verison also came up.
So there you go.

If they make it available to us then that will be extremely cool. A lot of Indie developers can make their animations a lot more professional and i believe it will be a huge market for them too.

I contacted them about 2 weeks ago for the simple free version, the Indie “Web Animate” tool, but a pc version. It is suppose to be available in a couple months into the new year. I believe it was suppose to be released already…

Hi There,

We are finalizing a complete integration of IKinema into Rocket at the moment. We have managed to get cool results with procedurally generated animation during game play. We will have some demo videos to show to you here soon.


Is there any information about pricing available ? Specifically for rocket users.

In anycase it is great news. Demo videos on your site, are just astonishing, and potential time saving on animations is beyond comparsion to any other tech I have seen.

We have nothing to announce about additional middle ware available to rocket users, i also don’t believe Ikinema is an official Unreal Engine integrated partner for UE4, so they may not have the legal right to sell their integration.