IKEA: Need to hire 5 brilliant techies – Can you help me spread the word?

Right now we’re looking for 4 Technical developers and one Technical projectleader within realtime 3D/game engine (VR/AR/MR) for our IKEA Digital Lab. People with innovative minds and lateral thinking. People who think virtual worlds are cool and helping real people is even better. People who know why robots and pie go well together and why pointclouds on a sunny day does not matter at all.

Please spread/Share this to anyone that you think could be interested!

Link to more info here:

If I am not mistaken that position has nothing to do with unreal. That keyword does not exist in both job offers.

We use Unreal in our development and in the only publicly available VR “game” on steam from IKEA…

Thank you very much for considering the UE4 Forums to be a source of recruitment. I have been a huge fan of IKEA for a long time, and I couldn’t possibly want to apply more - so I did!

I hope you have a great weekend!