IK while walk/run legs are not balance or dysplasia :(


“Unreal Engine 4.6.1 - Two bone IK demonstration” - I watch this but given same issue while Walk/Run. I tried also search and same issue from here “https://forums.unrealengine.com/archive/index.php/t-50350.html”.

Please can you check what is the issue?


Any update to UE4.7.1?

@unrealengine Any update answer here and this are already fix at UE4.7.2?

Still pending no answer :frowning:

Please can you fix this YES or NO…Thanks

Hey Peude,

Would you mind explaining your issue in a little more detail? Screenshots and steps are usually helpful.


Downloads files example:
Original: http://www.mediafire.com/download/h58cmdcj5xursol/IKTest.zip
Fixed: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q73f6ifi861yvfo/IKTestNEW.zip
Combined: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hwnrdjuhes5mobe/IKTestSingle.zip

This old and unsold issue: (IK / FABRIK blueprint tutorial for proper foot placement with capsule collision - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums)

I try this also (- YouTube) but both of them is same issue from Knee while walking or running on flat area floor.

Thanks Mr. .Williams and @Unreal Engine Staff

Hey Peude,

I’ve been looking through these example files in the 4.8 Preview 3 and I’m not seeing the issues that you are. If you have your own example files (and not ones from other users), I may be able to help you through your issue.

Are you actively experiencing this problem yourself or reporting it for the other forum users? Just checking.


Thanks… Mr. . I will try this to new UE4 4.8 Preview 3 Thanks. This is same blueprint from youtube and its also same problem from another code (and ones from other users). Because i tried my character become AAA, before i will proceed to buy some Material or Design from UE4 Marketplace.

I will post again if its same issue thanks…

Hey Peude,

I’m marking this as answered for now. If you are still encountering issues in 4.8, simply respond to this answer to re-open.


Hello, I’m still having this same exact issue as the OP.
I’m using 4.8 and it had no effect on the result.

Hi Aumaan,

I was having trouble getting any of Puede’s example projects to reproduce this issue. Would you be willing to send me your project so that I can see this on my end? We still have not determined if this is a bug or a setup issue.

You can upload to google drive, dropbox, etc and PM me the link.


Hi .Williams,

Sorry i can’t do to send my sample code or project because i’am on vacation. After this vacation i will send you my projects, after next month July 10,2015.