IK Setup not working


For a few days I’m trying to setup ik, I did this a dozen of time without result. I’m running on UE4 4.24.2. I’ve downloaded contents examples too see how IK work, compared to the previous link it’s far more detailed but still don’t work. So i’ve tried to import new mesh, make a new anim bp, used another animation, tried on the tps character, or with other pawn, it’s always the same.

On the npc bp

  • construction script to set scale and iktrace distance is created and copy pasted from content example
  • function is created and copy pasted from content examples.
  • event tick is created and ikfoottrace call copy pasted from content examples
    On the anim bp
  • cast to get ikfoot right foot and left foot to set right and left effectors is created and copy pasted from content example
  • on animgraph, I’ve imported JumpingJacks (and set the skeleton setup ip for IK imported from the content examples.) and Two Bone Ik are setup
    On the skeleton
  • sockets are good, i’ve imported the skeleton from content examples.

As we saw, the IKFootTrace isn’t following the animation.

Whatever you are doing makes 0 sense.
**You need a trace per foot. **
Each foot needs to know where the respective visibility channel impacts.
Both those traces should be visible to debug anything.

The logic process is simple.
Trace the feet, find whichever one is Lower. offset the hip to this value.
The other foot instead needs have the hip distance subtracted to be translated by the same measure, and should use that measure to position itself.

Generally speaking, forget the content examples for final application when it comes to IK. They are to serve as an example of how to do something basic. Positioning your feet correctly in ANY situation is not basic. You’ll need some trig skills to figure out angles of incidence and other caveats.

No sense? It’s what the documentation says.
I have a trace per foot, and this is why I’m asking help, I have exactly this. If it’s so basic why it’s not working, I saw other IK on YouTube but i’m trying to do this with the documentation for the moment to understand logic and use it for other actions.

Well, the correct logic is explained above.
the Bp you shared is just a function call.

if you actually have a line trace occurring within the function call, enable the debug.

If the trace is coming at the same spot for both, chances are your socket names are misspelled. Or maybe not set at all.
make sure to compile and edit their default value. You’ll see it right away since the starting point will be at either foot.

Yeah, i know x), I cant upload an image of each part of what I did with the guide (Or is what you want?) , this is why I’ve posted the link of the IK Setup.

Debug is enabled, all functions and code from the tutorial and the content example are used (the white line), and sockets are created and well placed (I see them on the skeleton, on the foot, at the same location as the example content and with the same name.).

I thought the same thing, but names are good, and I’ve already compiled all modified blueprints.

If the socket name was correct you would see lines off the socket.

Share a screenshot of the line trace. Maybe your start/end are wrong in some other way.