IK setup not working properly

Hello again. I have managed to set up an IK system for my character by following the documentation here: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Animation/IKSetups/index.html
It all compiles fine but for some reason the characters feet just stick together like so:

This is what it should be looking like:

Here is the Construction Script of the Character Blueprint:

Here is the IK Foot Trace Function which is used in the Event Graph for the character Blueprint:

Here is the Event Graph for the Character Blueprint:

This is the Event Graph for the Animation Blueprint:

And here is the AnimGraph for the Animation Blueprint:

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
Its really frustrating me!

Thanks muchly!

I fixed the the feet placement problem, they are now in the correct position.
In the Two Bone IK node I changed the End Effector from Component space to Bone Space and the Joint Target to Bone Space.
This leads on to the next issue. Now the feet don’t adjust when on hills or steps.
I’ve found these changeable values in the default properties. Changing them don’t seem to do much though.

Hopefully some one will give some advise… until then I’m going to keep on trying.

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I think im having trouble with the Two Bone IK node.

I’m not sure which bone names go where for the IKBone, Effector Space bone name and Joint Target Space Bone Name.



End Effector is WHERE you want to move the foot TO, Joint Location is where the knee/elbow should be (so that the solver knows which way to bend the bones, otherwise it might try to bend the thigh backward and the shin forward to reach the same space), IK bone is the actual bone to start solving from (i.e. the bone you want to move to the End Effector location).

As for setting them up, you need to store the hits of your downward traces (that determine the ground below the feet) as variables, then feed those variables to the End Effector location in world space.

The joint target should be set to 0,0,0 in bone space, with the bone name being the name of your IK knee pit bone (assuming your rig uses an IK knee pit setup rather than an FK setup that just follows the bones down)

The IKBone should either be your shin or foot, depending on how far up the two bone IK actually solves (I’m not entirely sure).

Hi Guys,
We have just done this; A single drag and drop node


Maybe of interst