IK setup from Content example dont work?

Hi! Have some troubles with IK Foot setup!
I’ve took everything from IK Foot setup from Animations section of Content examples.
I did the following:

  1. Create a TPS Blueprint Project.
  2. Create Update IK Offset function in Event Graph.

  1. Create function IK Foot Trace.

  1. Construction script.

  1. All necessary variables also. All values as in Content Examples.

6. Animation Blueprint. As in Content Example.
7. Variables and values as in Content Example.
8. Animation Graph as in content Example (from default state machine to Final Pose with Two Bone IK)
9. Sockets were added to skeleton as at Owen skeleton.
10. Everything compiles OK, but doesn’t working.

I’ve took everything from Owen in Content examples (IK Foot setup in Animation), copy to standard TPS project and nothing does working!

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

was scratching my head over this too. that ik doesnt work with pawn collision so it wont work on the stairs. objects that dont collide with pawn but block visibility channel will work. In case anyone else was looking for the answers to this