Ik replication

I am struggling here…
So I have a character blueprint, that is well replicated, with plenty animations and interactions.
Recently I added a vehicle system in my game :
When the player possess the vehicle, it set the location of the character inside the car and set a new anim instance (a bp just for driving) all of this happening in the char bp.
Then, In the vehicle bp, I have a steering wheel that I move with input, and the Anim bp for the driving of the character follow that steering wheel with Ik, so hands stays on the weel.
I got 2 problem :
One is very serious :
When playing in client mode, the player doesnt even see his arms on the wheel because the ik is totally broken.

The second one is that when thee server, or another client see a person driving, same off course, his arms are not on the wheel.