IK jittery when moving FPS character

I have a FPS character built with an IK effector (just a sphere) parented to the camera. The effector is located just in front of the player’s face and I use that to drive IK to place the player’s right hand in the player’s view. That works fine, but when I move the character with the hand extended out, the IK seems to get very jittery - it stays roughly in the right place but it vibrates aggressively. Any idea what I’ve done / how I could fix that?

Yes, probably add an interpto node and it should no longer be noticable since it will try to interpolate between the 2 values and it happens instantly.

Thanks for your response. I don’t quite understand - what would I interpolate? The pose with the prior frame’s pose?

No, whatever you are using to move your IK bone.
Instead of just setting it’s loc/rot/transform value straight up, have the engine “interpolate” between the original spot it was in and the new position.

all you need is basically to run the value through this before assigning to the bone…pTo/index.html

and this for rotation…pTo/index.html

same functions exist in Blueprint - that was just the first reference that came up on google.

to get the original bone position you can get creative but I suggest you don’t. just create a get socket, mark the bone name, get the location.

You might have to do some local/pose math depending on how you initially set up the IK but you should know what type of values you are using…