IK Hands/Weapons

Hi, i can’t figure how i can add some IK controls to my character. Basically i would have the possibility to create one animation for all weapons type.

Now i have the skeletal weapon with an additional socket for the left hand. But i’m not satisfied of my current setup.
What is the most extensible way to achieve what i’m trying to do? Thanks

Anyone can help me?

A 2 bone IK will help to lock the left hand to the weapon based on the same general frame of the weapon. Going from rifle to sidearm though needs a bit more work in the form of additive poses and animation clips that fits like reloads or equip.

I did up a video for our team to explain our current animation design and its a bit long but I get into the set up at about 42 minuets in.

In general though it’s common practice to use a base common set of animations and then use a single frame pose to fine tune for unique postures like different weapons.