IK foot setup (newbie)

Im trying to go through the docs about IK feet setup, but being fairly new to the whole Blueprint thing I get stuck in the most simplest of tasks :confused:

now I’m just trying to replicate the setup that is done here:

but I can’t even create this node:

I have tried searching for it, but the nodes i find won’t connect to the the “capsule component”.


Hi ,

First of all make sure you have created the float variable in the correct graph, the make sure you have made the variable public by making sure the eye icon is yellow (on).

Once this is done drag a blue wire from the capsule component and type the variable capsule half height.

Hope this helps you out.

ok I will try :slight_smile:

but what value am I getting from the Capsule Component ?


It depends on your character / capsule height.
If your capsule height is 200, the half is 100.

ok as I told you Im a beginner at this :slight_smile:
But I don’t get how just connecting a capsule component to a selfmade variable will give you that data? (half size data)


I just can’t seem to find a way to create this node. If I make a float variable it won’t connect. I’m losing my mind, I can’t even find a way to create the Multiplication node that comes after :frowning:

The variable in the example is greyed out, anyone knows why??

and if I’m suppose to create my variable I should be able to find it also in the example but I can’t? Im very confused right now :slight_smile:

its funny I have been stumbling on this thing for days know :slight_smile:


I actually solved it, I think… I mean I just created a “get capsule variable” . then I detached the old one and attached the new one, and to my big surprise it worked :))

on to the next problem :slight_smile:

thank you guys for helping out


its funny, I have been trying to find this variable and I have searched for it, found another solution and now I actually found the correct variable…jeez…:slight_smile: Im to old for this thing :slight_smile:

feel a bit stupid now:)


hi, just looking at your problem a little

n glad you are on your way. some things I noticed that may be causing problems
make sure you are in your character BP then you should be able to just drag the CapsuleComponent node straight into the BP from the left in the Components details panel
then drag from the blue pin of that node and type in the CapsuleHalfHeight to get the height node
you can then drag off that node’s output pin and just type an asterisk * and chose the float x float then hook that into your set node for the IKTraceDistance
use a get node for your created variable to plug into the bottom input of the multiply

then venture deeper into the rabbit hole from there :wink:
good luck

thank you ayrtek…

I do if you let me have another question :slight_smile:
Im well on my way to actually getting this to work, but have one problem :slight_smile: I need to start both of these processes but that is not allowed, in the back of my head I have seen how this is done, but I can’t for the love of science remember how to do this :slight_smile:


Think I solved it with a sequence node:
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 15.09.33.png

now I just have to deal with the crazy legs I got, BUT at least something is happening :)))