IK Foot Placement System (WIP)

hey guys
marketplace :**

Gumroad :

just wanted to share with you my WIP IK foot placement system

i’m not using any plugins


Update : Now Multiplayer Supported

looks very convincing ! great work !!
i would really like to have it in my game :wink:

some questions:

  • will you sell it on the marketplace ?
  • if, what would be the price ?
  • is it heavy on the cpu ?
  • how eas is it to implement into an existing game ?

kind regards

Can you add crouching?
Also needs a bool check for disabling IK for certain animations, such as rolling on the floor.

And does it support multiplayer?


-i don’t know i made it for my climbing system project if it get hyped i might
-it’s not heavy on CPU
-i think it would take you 30 minutes to implement to your assets (as it doesn’t use any kinda of plugins so it won’t be hard)

-yeah i can add crouching won’t be hard to add
-you can put that bool easily i already have placed bool for jumping to ledge
-multiplayer nope it doesn’t support it

Great work Unlaed!

Have you tried it with quadrupeds without using any plugins?

i didn’t try with quadrupeds as the feature still super experimental but i don’t think it would be hard to implement on quadrupeds

guys do you want to see this on the store and if so how much would be a good price for you ?

Update :

now crouching added to the system

working on multiplayer support atm

it will be on the marketplace once the multiplayer support fully added

Update :

now multiplayer fully supported

video :

Update : Now available on Gumroad :

soon on the marketplace

Hi Unlaed.

Are you planning to add quadrupeds support?

depends on the sells of the system if it sells well and i get requests for this

why not ?

this is black magic, I look forward to seeing it on the market place

Update : Marketplace Released !!!

Link :**

the new updated version has a lot of bug fixing going on and looks and feels much better
than the videos will upload new video soon