IK/FK switching using ART causing breaking

All our animators have mentioned issues when switching from IK to FK or vice versa. Often the wrists flip 90 degrees each time a switch is made. other times the arms change locations a bit, and sometimes the shoulders break and pop to new locations.

It appears to be an issue with the ART system, not the rigs themselves. Troubleshooting this has cost us plenty of time and is slowing down workflows.

We can’t find anything in the documentation about any of it. Have you seen this happening before or do you have any ideas?

To add another issue that continuously shows up, whenever opening or saving a scene we frequently get this error:
C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2016/scripts/others/fromNativePath.mel line 91: ValueError: file C:/Users//OneDrive/Documents/maya/2016/scripts/MayaTools/General/Scripts/art_v1\ART_animationUI.py line 6325: No object matches name: :Skeleton_Settings

Something with the ART_animationUI.py is messing with things in this way for EVERYONE so far.
sometimes if you keep trying to save it eventually works.