IK feet with custom character

Hello I recently followed some tutorials on setting up IK foot placement with the default UE4 character, everything works fine with the default grey character model provided by UE4 however when I try using any other character mesh even those purchased on the UE4 marketplace the characters feet join together and do some weird fish tail like thing when trying to walk… I’m really not sure what’s going on here as the characters from the marketplace supposedly use the default skeleton. If anyone has any idea how I can fix this please let me know because as of right now I’m completely stuck and forced to use the default character model.

I recently had the exact same issue. There were a few problems after very careful examination which I noticed…

  1. A. AnimationBlueprint → Animation Graph: Make sure that your TwoBoneIK for you right foot (Foot_R or what ever it is named) only has values for IKBone: Foot_R (Bone Space), EndEffector: Foot_R, and JointTarget: Thigh_R (Parent Bone Space). Make sure that you TwoBoneIK for your left foot reflects the left side of your body and not the right (my issue)

B. Also make sure that your Joint Target Right node has a default value of x 50, y 217, and z 38 while you Joint Target Left node has a default value of x 50, y 217, and z -38

  1. CharacterBlueprint → Im not sure if you used the content example as a guide (I did) but make sure that if you decided to create variables for bones, make sure that the default value reflects that actual name of the socket you created in you skeleton and is just a copy and past of “Right IK Foot Socket” (unless thats what you named it).

It fixed that issues of walking like a fish but Im not yet able get the feet to actually work like I want… so far they only dip a few inches at most.

Hope that helps and do tell me if you figure out how to make the feet dip more

What is the significance of the value Joint Target values? Are they the distance between the root and a certain joint?

Thank you.

Hope fully this helps you…


From what I understand, the joint target value sets the location/rotation of the knee (i think?) which affects the entire leg. Depending on what the value is, you will change which direction the legs face and where there are placed (ie. if the values are not accurate, you will walk like a crab).

x 50, y 217, and z 38 and x 50, y 217, and z -38 where the values which look the best for me

Hope that helps