IK Content Example

So, in the content examples is an IK foot example without collision. My question is, why not show an example WITH collision? Presumably, most people would want collision on their characters so I don’t understand the reasoning here. An example with collision would be very helpful imo.

Only the objects have no collision, but use a collision preset (block all).

i guess my question is how to make it work with objects that do have collision, like a player going up stairs to a second level.

It works with the example provided, kind of. The thing is, there is no trigger when you stand and rotate (not moving) that would require animations for moving feets when standing position is active. But if you follow the example you can make it work. Add those sockets under the feet, add the variables on the IK Foot Trace node, and depending on your animation blueprint add the IK nodes to the anim grap before the final pose.

Also depending on your character blueprint add the event graph nodes, i attached the image of my integration. It is not perfect but works for stairs and such, only when you stand and rotate then it is not working…

Gotcha, thanks for the help