IK Bone Lagging behind if moving

Hey guys, I know there are existing topics on this question, but unfortunately I just can’t get my system to work properly.
I want to attach the left hand to a socket on my weapon, using IK.

I created a socket on my weapon, where the left hand is going to attach. The socket is called “LeftHandSocket”.
I am then getting the socket transform and save it to a variable, which is used in the animgraph.

As you can see on the pictures, I am using World Space which is pretty dumb, because this changes when the character moves, which is why i have to get the position every frame, resulting in the hand laging behind one frame.
Therefore I want to change my system to use relative locations instead of the world space, but I am failing badly.

Can someone please tell me what nodes I have to change to use relative locations instead of world space?

I also would be interested in finding this out so BUMP!

Also curious about this - I wonder if you can’t grab at the transform from the anim blueprint’s state there.

Just to clear things up, I solved the problem myself by adding a “Transform to Bone Space” node, so it looks something like this.

Then in the animgraph I set the Location Space property to “Bone Space” instead of “World Space”.


Dude, thank you man for posting your Solution.

Iam also interessted about that. gonna try this out, as soon i have time.

I tried using this solution to fix the problems with hand IK example (1.8, Animation Map) in the Content Examples project. The hands twitch severely when punching the wall. It’s causing the same problem in my own project as well since it’s mostly based on the content example. Unfortunately, converting the IKoffset variables to bone space causes the hands to clip further into the geometry, and there is still some twitching present. Perhaps I followed your advice wrong? Or it might be another problem altogether. If you could offer any advice it would be much appreciated!