IK baking problems - workflow Blender 2.8 > Unreal Engine


I’m struggling with some weird issue. I have a rigged character with FK/IK options in Blender which can be imported into Unreal Engine.

The thing is, when I export animations made with this rig (fbx with bake option checked or frame baking before export) and import them to my skeleton asset inside Unreal, it seems like the chains affected by the IK constraints (the legs) are not correctly baked and so the feet have a very sutile wiggling that wasnt supose to be there.

If I reimport this fbx into Blender I experience the same issue. But In the original animation scene the legs are well plantted in the ground.

I wonder if anyone here could give me some advice about this problem or if anyone had deal with this before

Unfortunately I cannot show much either from project or the blender scene but here are some gifs.

Have a nice day.

Long time since I opened this topic. Found the solution some time ago and forget updating this thread.

I found my problem was coming from Blender fbx export parameter “Simplify”. With its default value, was given me that weird jittering in the animations. I needed to reduce it arround a 0,1 value to give me good results. The downside is that the fbx file increase significantly in size.

Don’t know if there is a better solution but I hope this could help.