IK animation lags behind motion controllers

I have some simple IK on my VR player’s arms, but the animation doesn’t keep up with the movement at all. If I move my hands around the mesh is always delayed, the faster I move the more extreme it is… up to a foot or more behind. I haven’t been able to find a solution on the forums or anywhere else.

Recreate problem:
What I do is create a character then add motion controller components for both left and right hands then I put a mesh on both of those so I know where they are. After that I add a mesh component with the SK_Mannequin skeletal mesh and change the anim class to a custom one I make. This custom anim class blueprint gets the transforms of the left and right motion controllers and stores them during the “event blueprint update animation” event in the event graph. Then in the anim graph I just FABRIK with the effector transform space set to world space. When I run this in VR the frame rate is good but the animation is behind, I have no idea how to fix this.

I still can’t figure this out, anyone have some ideas?

Please can someone at unreal help with this? Some other posts with the same question and no solution