Ignoring Verticallist that is placed over a button

Basically i got a widget, that incluedes 3 Layers as Vertical boxes.
All of the boxes are scaled across the whole screen to. The bottom one is a background image, which is a Iphone with a black screen, the middle one are buttons that you can use on the “Phone” and the top one is a large image in form of a Iphone to give the ilusion of a screen, so that no edges are peaking of the background.
The top layer, which is an Image with alpha, to allow the bottom, layers to show, is blocking the inputs to the buttons and the Scrollbox that i want to scroll. Is there a way to always focus a specific component of the widget? Or is there a way to make the top layer ignore any inputs and let them pass right threw to the middle layer?
Here is the widget with the 3 vertical boxes as layers: