Ignoring Multicast on local actor

I’m trying to get a variable set every tick on the server with a rep-notify but the client that sends the call really doesn’t need to run the OnNotify. Is there a way to call a function on all machines but the client that called it?
Simplified example: Clicking and dragging an actor would usually just call a function on the server that sets actor location but for illustration’s sake lets say I’m using a vector with a repnotify that sets the actors location. The client gets its mouse location and sends it to the server only to have the server send it back to the player and that would be redundant.


The way I do this is as follows…

Player1 presses button to launch rocket.
1.This sets a boolean -> “ThisIsMe”.
2.It then calls a function to launch the rocket -> “Launch”
3. After which it calls event which runs on server.

Server event calls a multicast event on all player pc’s -> “SeeLaunch”
“SeeLaunch” event first checks to see if the “ThisIsMe” boolean is not set. If not (not the player who pressed button) it then calls the function -> “Launch”
This causes each player to see the rocket launch but does not call the function again on Player1

The other thing I do when replicating variables is to set the Replication Condition to “SkipOwner” which allows you to set it locally and replicate it to everyone except original player.

I hope this is of some help :slight_smile:

I hadn’t realized “SkipOwner” exists! thank you so much for that!