Ignoring Collision on Specific Actor

So I have a sphere that is working as a ‘turret’ and spawns bullet actors that fire at the player. The problem is that they are spawned within the sphere and therefore collide with it instantly. I did have it WORKING perfectly fine in UE4.4.0 since upgrading to UE4.4.1 the bullets are destroying themselves then exploding instantly (But not causing any damage).

Here is a video of it working (Exact same blueprints): SideScrolling_Shooter - YouTube

Now however something seems to have gone wrong and I have no idea what. I have checked that the sphere has the correct tag.

Hi Tom,

Is the ApplyDamage node actually getting hit? I’m not sure why the tag would no longer be working, but one approach would be to change the collision profile of the player so that enemy bullets block player pawn, but enemies do not block enemy bullets. I’m not sure what effect you’re after, but with your current setup the bullets will still bounce off the enemy even though it will not apply damage which I wouldn’t expect to be the desired behavior.

Hope that helps