Ignore World Static on physics simulated ponytail problem

Hello. I made some hair with ponytail and my own custom rig on it. I attach this hair to character by binding it to soket.
Mostly it’s working, but i have problem with physics of this hair. Let me explain all the steps.
After i import my mesh into Ue4 and generate physics asset to it i see this:

It’s mostly OK:

all physic bodies in some … random rotation and locations but i can align all of them by resetting … rotations and locations of bodies like so:

Then i enable collisions here:

And inside of my eqip item function enable physics(it’s big function here is small part of it)

I done some data file with item settings and it have some settings for the iteem physics. So this function will apply that settings.
So here i will set my ponytail to simulate physics with this settings:

this all works.
World Static meshes like floor affects my hair. If i will aplly to my character a ragdoll with this hair on it - character body will start to … jump or even fly.
I WANT to filter static meshes but this not working even if i will manually attach this hair to character mesh without any equipment or other functions. I already tryed this.
It just starts to do crazy stuff on the floor:

Because of this hair. Without ponytail hair it just lies in place, not jumps, not flies.

So my floor is Static. And Ignore World Static Not work. Maybe someone knows how to make it … work?
Here is the code that i am use to apply this all parameters.

I really need it to ignore world statics.
Even if i will do this:

It anyway not working.


it’s not how it is suppose to be. And i don’t know how to fix it(

I didn’t really read through the post so keep that in mind. If you set the ponytail’s object type to WorldDynamic, than make sure that other objects (you want the ponytail to go through) collision is set to ignore the WorldDynamic channel.

i just done this:

it works.

If your character jumps the problem is how you set up your PHAT asset.
I Gave a once over to what you wrote.
You likely introduced the error yourself when you altered the initially provided rotations.
if you set all limits to free, the effect may become what you need.

Also, you are using a different phat asset from the one of the character, so there are possibilities that the body of the head within the ponytail is causing errors by intersecting with the head of the character.