"Ignore Move Input" Does not get Set back on

Dear reader,

I have the following issue:

I have some logic which I call to Set Ignore Move Input on for a specific player character, based on a boolean. However, after half a second, I set it back on.

Everything works great, I can not move my character while it kicks… However, if I press the “kick” input twice in succession… the Set Ignore Move Input breaks and never gets turned off, even if I “Kick” again later.

Here is the blueprint :)… Any help is greatly appreciated (and yes I realize that to somebody more experienced this blueprint makes little to no sense, but I’m just starting out… My core issue as a software developer here is I don’t understand what locks me out of the logic that would reset Ignore Move Input back off).

Thank you for your time!

Those nodes ( ignore… ) ‘stack’. IE, if you call the ignore node 5 times, you have to call the other version 5 times again to unlock.

When you press the key in quick sucession, your locks and unlocks and getting out of sync…

Thank you for your reply. Based on your explanation I would block out the execution of the code based on kicking = false, since a kick can not be executed while one is already being executed…

Branching solved the issue !