Ignore components on tracing

I just quickly want to make sure whether I am just unable to find it or if this really is not possible:

I am doing a trace inside an actor. This trace should check whether a component is next to another component. On the hit result of the trace I can get the component which was hit by the trace - but I cannot specify which components should be ignored, if I choose “Ignore self” just the whole actor is ignored, so all the components are ignored. And “Ignored Actors” only accepts Actors, not components.

The trace starts from inside a component, so if I don’t check “ignore self” the result is always the first component, which doesn’t help me.

I can achieve what I want with a multi line/sphere trace and just ignore the first result, then I only find other components I search for, but since I only need one result, it’s a waste of performance to do a multi trace.


Same question here…

multitrace and filter the result.


Already tried it…