Ignore C code


I want to add support SQLite to project, for this I need to add and compile some C code, maybe it will be cross-platform, but Visual Studio ignore C code, why?

If I create clear console c++ project all is well.

I also tried to use this plug-in, same story.

     2>cl : Command line warning D9002: ignoring unknown option '-x'
     2>cl : Command line warning D9024: unrecognized source file type 'c', object file assumed
     2>cl : Command line warning D9027: source file 'c' ignored
     2> sqlite3.c

Nobody knows?(

Hi, not sure if this will work but try changing the file extension to .cpp? It seems like it’s not recognizing the .c file extension to me.

Yes, I tried, but then there is a lot of errors, the compiler thinks it’s C++. Just the fact, that the empty c++ console application work fine with C code…but not unreal.

You can create an empty С file in project, for getting this error.