Ignore Actor when Moving still triggering hit events on projectile

Have a problem that has me scratching my head. Right now I’m spawning a projectile, and I don’t want it to collide with the owner at all. I set it up so that when I spawn my projectile, I set the instigator properly. Then in the BeginPlay of the projectile, I’m telling it’s box component to ignore the instigator, and the instigators capsule component to ignore the projectile.

I did a bunch of debugging and this is what I’ve found out. The hit event for the characters capsule does not get triggered (I did not put simulate hit events on, mind you). Edit: I just turned on simulate hit events on the capsule, and it does indeed generate hit events. So as far as I’m concerned, Ignore actor when Moving is doing absolutely nothing. However, specifically the “box” on my projectiles hit event does get triggered. When I print string the “other actor” it gives me my TDSCharacterBPxx, the actor I specifically ignored! I tested and tested, and I’ve made sure that my “ignore actor when moving” gets called. Not only does it get called but if I pay attention to the specific actor it’s ignoring, that’s the one that pops up when I print string on the “other actor” of my box’s hit event.

Thank you in advance, this one really has thrown me for a loop!

Found a work around.

Instead of simulating physics, I added a “projectile movement” component to my projectile. It will simulate hit events, but it won’t enable physics, which is exactly what I wanted. It seems like ignore actor when moving doesn’t work with physics enabled for some reason, because now it works perfectly.

Hope this helps someone!