Ignis Uprising

We’d love for you to have a look out the game that we’ve created over the past year. The release date is 23rd of October, 2014.

Hello Everyone!
Ignis Uprising has been designed and created over the past year by seven third year university students at the Queensland University of Technology as part of a final year games project program.

Ignis Uprising is a new fiery shoot-em-up that combines the magic of dragons and the fast paced action of third person shooters!

Free download available now at:

Ignis Uprising is a multiplayer, third person, dragon shooter that matches players up against one another with devastating weapons and abilities. Play as one of two mechanized dragons, attach your weapons of choice, destroy your opponents in Dragon versus Dragon battles and fly onwards to victory!
Play as a mechanized dragon built by a dwarven race, trying to regain control of their land from elves and humans.


  • 2v2 multiplayer action! Play as the dwarves or the renegades; compete to hold points and take back what’s rightfully yours!
  • Compete in a capture the point style game mode
  • Two mechanical dragons: The slippery ‘Snagon’, or ‘The One’ each have a different set of stats fitting unique roles
  • Five weapons to choose from - Fireball, Tesla Cannons, Lasers, Miniguns and Missile launchers are all at your disposal!
  • Transform into a ball, because why not? Dragons also have a unique ability to roll up into a ball, cause havoc to structures and speed about the maps within a shielded sphere.

Launch Trailer:

Gameplay Footage: Ignis Uprising short gameplay - YouTube

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