If you submit a vehicle to the Marketplace; does it have to be setup with Blueprints?

If I submit a vehicle to the marketplace; is it required to be setup with Blueprints? For example, does it have to be driveable? Does it have to have animations setup etc?

Those arent requirements, unless perhaps you are advertising that the model has those functionalities. You dont want to misguide customers and advertise the asset as doing something it doesnt do out of the package. If you are advertising that the car has animations for being controlled as a pawn or AI, it would be only beneficial for you to include basic blueprints to show off the animations.

Thanks for the reply, Shirk.

I’m an artist by trade, and I have very minimal knowledge of the blueprint system or advanced rigging for that matter.

I have another question for you all, you think it would be good enough to just submit a vehicle with all the pivots set up in the right place? For example, just detaching the tires, centering them in the middle and parenting the tires under the main body of the car.

You guys think that would be enough for someone to run with from there? Like they could animate the tires in the engine with code or blueprints?

I believe you should be able to submit a car MODEL to the marketplace, as long you, as mentioned already, specific that it’s only a mesh and not a functional object.

That said, I would recommend that you, or get someone else to do it for you, get it setup and made interactive, as it would make it more likely that people would buy it. Remember that a lot of people are just like you, who just want something they can place in a level and work with fast.

Then again, if your car model is just used as a prop, I guess its fine just having it as a model, but the more you do to make it easier for others to work with it, the better.

You can but in all honesty for us folk who aren’t exactly skilled in the whole game development area it wouldn’t be a buy at all for us for a static mesh even if it had all the pivots. If it was animated, rigged, easy to setup then that would be a buy from us. it all depends on the market your aiming for along with the kind of profit margins you have in mind.

What kind of car are you bringing to the marketplace, will it be available soon?

Probably not any time soon. I’m still wrapping my head around the Blueprint system.

:frowning: dang it

I’ll work as fast as I can… :slight_smile: Were you looking for any specific type of vehicle?

Any kind of super car, Lamborghini or Ferrari, I have always loved German cars so BMW, Porsche, we just need more vehicles on the marketplace

my two Bottle caps…
I dont like think or spend time, imop Makeplace items need a good cross-selling. If I buy a weapon I want to work seamless with ironbelly animations or kubold.

Right now there are a two car blueprints the marketpalce and a free demo in learn tab.
If i buy you card I like that the size and setup work straightforward in some of this modules. Of couse you always can create you own setup.

Somebody already reached out to me :slight_smile: Thing is, I need to model the car first…

I really want to get a decent understanding of blueprints though, the more I use them, the more I want to get proficient with them. It’s really cool being able to make a game just with visual scripting.

I have bought Leedo’s Car damage package and there are 3 good cars: Jeep,Mercedes and Lambo. I need in my game 4-5 cars totally. Tracks are easy to made. AI and workshop not.