If you gonna start Kickstarter campaign. Read this first.

  1. You should deeply think about **correct **organization. If you are not a resident from whitelist country there is still a acceptable way to start. Check this guide that I have prepared based on our experience.

  2. Make a demo. Don’t trust any sh*t like “share your idea”, “crowdfunding is for ideas” and so on. You actually **can **start a software project on KS but you will fail no doubts. As in the previous point I’ve tested this on my skin. Nobody gives a F if you have no awesome proof-of-concept. You couldn’t reach any popular outlet or blog even if there is a news hungry and your niche is very hyped. Everybody will question your ability to make the whole project right now without waiting you collect funds. And I don’t mean your potential bakers and users. You couldn’t spread your word anywhere except your social media, and some friendly forums like this one. Without journalist coverage your project goes to hell.

  3. Please don’t spend your time and money for any PR intermediaries or services. Better write to your favorite streamer or youtuber. Make friends with news makers and influence agents. Classic SMM and SEO looks very poor too at this point)

I’m not pretending to be the truth of last resort. These tips are based on my research, experience, fails and victories. We have so many good reviews, so we still believe in our project, but every day I fall asleep with the thought maybe today Tim will check us out, maybe some really big fish at least find us. But I don’t know how to achieve this)

Enjoy your project, peace!)

Crowdfunding add too much extra work to the project;
Sometimes it’s even more work than working on the game itself.
I’d rather focus on development and go after a publisher begging for monies instead…
even though I don’t like publishers either

That way I would just have to make the game and not worry about marketing BS, also would be able to avoid dealing with annoying entitled backers threatening to kill me and my family if the promised kickstarted product is not delivered this year and etc.

Totally agree! That’s what I was doing too. But some “smart” dudes had insisted that I was wasting my time and I need to make a campaign. This PR is so frustrating though. I’ve lost 5 months into nothing) Maybe at least I will engage a designer to my project to finish a demo.