If you downloaded ark in steam and it doesn't start read this!

IF you downloaded the Dev Kit from steam without knowing what you were doing, then follow these instructions:

  1. Rename ARK DevKit to ARKDevKit (remove the space). Located in: OS(C: ) / Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common, then remove the space in ARK DevKit.

  2. Download the Epic Games Launcher:…s=%2Fdashboard

  3. Go to you’re Epic Games Launcher then go to Modding then ARK: Dev Kit. then press the big blue button that says Install.

  4. Then choose the file location to install it in, which is the file location in Point 1 above.

  5. Then it will recognize the kit is already installed, and will just download missed updates.

If anything is misleading, please comment down below!
Note: Don’t download from steam if you haven’t done so!

Easiest thing to do is not download it from steam at all and just use the epic launcher since they stopped updating the steam version over a year ago…

Exactly! But, IF anyone does download it from steam without knowing what they are doing, I posted this for them.

Does not work, it says “Directory must be empty”

I’ve never had that error. This is the closest problem I could find. Comment #2 by ShadedTrigger:

I know it’s Paragon, and not the Dev Kit, but I can’t find anything closer to your problem. You’ll have to do the stuff with the Dev Kit the same as he did with Paragon.
Hope it works.

I just remembered about this post I made… I know it’s been over a year, but are you still having that problem GnomeChild?