If you Change a Console Variable in Editor, Will it Remain After Restarting the Project?

If you change a Console Variable in Editor, will it remain after restarting the project?

Article written by Joe R.

Changing Console Variables with the Console.

If you change a console variable (“cvar” - pronounced see-var) in the Editor Console, like seen below, the changes made will not persist after you restart the project. This can be useful if you are testing different variables and things go terribly wrong. Don’t like what’s changed? Just restart the editor. However, what if you want to keep those setting changes permanently?


Changing Variables to Persist on Project Reset

If you find that you need to change cvars so they persist throughout level load/reload then you can change your projects .ini files. These are located in the config folder of wherever you saved your project.

Console Variable Editor Plugin

You can also enable the Console Variable Editor plugin. This plugin allows you to add and control multiple cvars and console commands all at once. You can find and enable the plugin by going to Edit > Plugins, and searching for Console Variable Editor. Check the box on the left of its listing, restart the Editor, and it’ll be enabled.

After enabling the plugin, you can go to Windows > Console Variables to open the Console Variables Editor. You can add, remove, enable or disable, and execute console commands. You can also save presets of commands or revert them back to their default value, which is useful for if you have multiple combinations of variables you want to test.

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