"if VectorLengthXY>0,5" is not work properly

if you cannot see the nodes properly: I have random stream variable,I use “random unit vector from stream”, than I link it to “VectorLengthXY”, than i check the length if it is longer than 0,5, and if it is true than i want to see what the length is, if it is not true,than print “Hello” (to distinguish).

My problem is that sometimes it prints smaller than 0,5 as you can see in the second picture:

this is a random screenshot

i would say you are getting this result due to the random generator being called twice. try promoting the random number to a variable then doing the check on the variable and printing the variable. as you currently have it the script gets a random number and checks if its above 0.5 then if true you get another random number and print it.