If Unity has Unity-Chan What do we have?

Hello guys, I have a stupid question but is perfect for off-topics related questions. If Unity3d has the character Unity-chan, what UE4 has? is there a UE-chan? o Epic-chan?

We have people working on real games…

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Check out this twitter:

we have anime girls too!!

We have Tim Sweeney…

@zeOrb I like @Selentic approach more xD

Anime games are made in Unreal, that means we have a livestock of waifus.

Tim-chan trapu waifu

+1 to that.

Make that +2.

Someone thought of this before and made his version of a UE-chan.

It’s a fairly old post though, so the download links are dead, but you can poke him on twitter or twitch (in his post signature) and I’m sure he’ll be happy to refresh those.

We need a Unreal-Sama.

We have Mannequin-chan

We have an industry standard engine and great games. Unity may have **** like bitcoins and mascots, we are not their level.
Besides, Unreal is a masculine engine.

Are you assuming Unreal’s gender?!

Tim Sweeney is my Waifu

There’s always the Flying Spaghetti Monster you can worship:


WAIFU :eek:

I wonder if I can ask a commission for moe-fied Tim Sweeney somewhere without getting punished…