If there's more than one actor of the same class, effects don't work.

So I have made a “JumpPad” and “TeleportPad”. If I have only one of them in the level it works fine, but if I have more than one, only one of the actors will work. Showcased in the video below:
Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Are you using the node “get all actors of class” somewhere? If so, check the “get” node so that it isn’t hardcoded to 0. As this means it will get the first actor only as reference

Yes I am, but how am I supposed to hardcode it to more than 0? Theres an option ( An integer wich is equal to 0 ) And if I set it to 1 when theres 2 actors the second one works. If it is 0 the first one works.

Yes exactly. This integer needs to be solved or a cast node instead. But I don’t know how your BP looks like.
A couple of screenshots would be nice :slight_smile:

Ye I should have posted them earlier. Here they are

What if you put this in the BP from your jump- and Telepad and cast from there to your character. So it would works for all of your pads

Ill give it a try, thanks for the sugestion.

That fixed it, thanks dude!