If the teleport node returns false

Hi all,

So I build a small VR racing game. When the vehicle flips over, I let the player reset the car to the nearest checkpoint. This works fine, unless the teleport node returns false. When it returns false, I am unable to teleport the actor to the new location. Therefore the game is stuck, as the player can not continue. I tried to add an alternative ‘Move actor to location’ but that returns an error due to the skeleton mesh. What can I do when the teleport node returns false and refused to teleport the player to hes respawn spot. (PS: According to the documentation, it returns false if it doesn’t fit. But this doesn’t make sense as the destination location is a bit above the ground in free space.) Would be great if you guys could point me in the right direction!

Perhaps you can run a check after the teleport node, to determine if the car’s location / rotation is at it’s desired destination. Image attached, hope this helps !