if something NOT happen

I made from line trace if my screen center crossover an object it slowly starts to grow it in size, this happens trough a blueprint interface that have event inside, from character blueprint line tracer i trigger this event on actor hit and inside the actor blueprint when the event triggers it gets the actor scale and adds more with timeline.

What I cant do and am asking is how to make it happen if I did not trigger this event for 0.2 or 0.3 or 0.4 seconds (my choise) to bring the actor back to original 1 scale size

i was trying for hours already and i think there is a node that i dont know it can help me

i also tried with branch inside the character blueprint where if actor hit is false but this doesnt work

I will try again with false condition if trace line doesnt hit actor to shoot new event but if you have any ideas give a try, i dont know why this method did not worked