If Something is True; Allow Button Press (Help please) (Also weapon wheel help if possible)

Hi, I’m making a game which includes a ‘weapon’ wheel. Basically the weapon wheel has a list of powers and abilities that can be activated when selected, they are activated using the right mouse button, but the wheel lets you select which power to ‘equip’, for example on the weapon wheel if I select ‘Force Push’, that becomes my current power, which doesn’t do anything until I hit the right mouse button, which then shoots the projectile.

Is there a way to make the blueprint check that S1 (Selection 1 in the weapon wheel) is selected and is ‘true’, allowing the right mouse button to activate the ability when pressed? And if S2 is selected in the weapon wheel, instead of the right mouse button activating the first power, it activates the second, etc… (8 in total) Best way to think about it is the gadget wheel in the new Spider-Man game, where you can select impact web, electric web, web bomb, etc… and press R1 to shoot the specific web that’s selected.

Please bear in mind I’m a complete beginner using blueprints and UI and whatnot, I only got this far after following a tutorial, but the tutorial showed a gun mesh appearing in each hand depending on the selection in the weapon wheel, and not actually shooting different projectiles.

Also, if anyone has any idea where I went wrong, I’ve made the weapon wheel, it has an arrow in the centre pointing in the direction of the mouse, and everything works fine except from when it tries to detect my mouses location, it’s relative to the top left corner rather than the centre, so the arrow only moves from right to down, and not a full 360°, it also only lets me select the 2 options on the bottom right corner of the weapon wheel. Again any idea on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Thank you, I have no idea where to start with converting them all to an Enumeration though, I followed a tutorial to get this far and quite honestly I have no idea what I’ve done, only that it works to a certain extent, and that what I want to do with it is different to what the guy in the tutorial did.

Any idea on what to do to start converting them? Or if it’s easier, to fix what I’ve done so far to work the way I want? Here’s some screenshots of everything to do with the weapon wheel, the Force Push and Force Pull will be S1 and S2, and they work fine, it’s just linking them to only work when selected in the weapon wheel.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help with this!

I’m stuck on step 5, I’ve made the enumeration and set it up like this (picture), but I’m not sure what you mean for the rest of it though.

I thought this might have worked in the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint, setting the input (middle mouse button) to turn a boolean on, then branching from each selection and branching again to check if the boolean is true (button pressed), then linked each one to its respective force power, and now nothing happens when I press the input button, no force push or pull is activated, even when selecting it in the weapon wheel, not sure what went wrong but I can’t figure out how to fix it.