If one were to make a Minecraft clone in Unreal Engine 4

Hello! I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine, and I’ve just started to get the hang of basic blueprinting. I am nowhere near ready to make a full game yet, nevertheless a Minecraft clone. Still, it has made me wonder - what would be necessary to create such a clone in UE? I have seen multiple videos on YouTube where people have made voxel based games in Unreal (and in multiple other engines too), so clearly it’s possible.

As I stated earlier, I am an UE newbie. I have no clue where to even start if I were to make a project like this. However, if one were to make a Minecraft clone, how would they go about doing it? I am interested in doing something like this one day, so hearing how it would work (theoretically) would be fascinating. There are many blocks in a Minecraft chunk, and even more in the entire world. Normally, you would think that such a game would be very unoptimized due to the sheer amount of blocks present at the same time? What about chunk loading? Making everything generate in a grid? How does random generating terrain even work? So many questions!

Either way, I would very much appreciate if some of these questions were answered because I really want to know.

Thanks in advance!

  • Henriko

Why not do something new rather than wasting your time on something that won’t be worthwhile?

Fair point. Although my interest is not in making a Minecraft clone per say, but rather to know how it works and it’s flaws / benefits. I think that implementing a voxel based structure would be really interesting in many games, not just Minecraft. One game specifically would be Stardew Valley, which I’ve been playing recently. It’s a lot of fun, but I think it would have had even more potential if it was made in 3D. Imagine a game like that, but in 3D using voxels! There would be so many new possibilities that way, and it would make it stick out quite a bit from Minecraft, wouldn’t it? Specifically level design would be a lot simpler that way too…



[Voxatron] 是个很好的体素游戏,而且是真的体素!


I also want to reset Minecraft with UE4

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[Voxatron] is a great voxel game, and it’s a real voxel!

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